Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year!  I love decorating and dressing up.  This year I added a few more pieces to my decor.  I always pick up items that are on clearance to use for the next year.



this is our front entrance



this is my decorated bush 🙂


Mommy Duties

My days and nights have been filled with volunteering at the schools, football practice and football games.


One night at practice we saw a double rainbow (COOL!)


This was a beautiful shot.  I love nature.


Us enjoying a day of little league football games.

Fall Fun – Apple Picking


Today we drove out to BJReece Apple House to do some apple picking.  Everyone had a great time.  We picked apples and ate them right from the tree (after we rinsed them and wiped them first 🙂 It was fun for the kids to try different apples of the same color, but with a different taste and texture.  We had a competition for who could pick the largest apple and Cam won with a WHOPPER!

As soon as we returned home I washed and cut up my bruised apples and made a quick apple pie.  I also bagged up a bunch of nice and juicy ones and gave them to a few of my awesome neighbors.


Homemade apple sauce came next.

I cut up about 10 apples and cored them with my apple coring thingy.


Threw them in the crock-pot on high with:

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of sugar


Stir once or twice until smooth



Once cooled I poured it in a mason jar and put in the the refrigerator.

Feeding the Family

This week I am putting myself on a grocery budget.  Lately I have been going to the stores every other day purchasing random items at full price and with coupons.  I justify it by saying it’s something that we NEED.  In the past I would make a meal plan for the week and only shop for what we needed.  Today I went through the refrigerator and both freezers to come up with a menu for the week.  The boys will be home this week on Fall Break, so this week I have to include breakfast and lunches at home.

For breakfast we will have either cereal with milk, frozen waffles (we have a freezer full), oatmeal or boiled eggs with toast.  Lunch will consist of wither tuna, pb&j, or egg salad sandwiches with fruit.

Our dinner menu looks like this:

Friday – Take and bake pizza from Aldi @ $4.99

Saturday – Pigs in a blanket with tropical fruit salad (all ingredients on hand)

Sunday – Salisbury steak made with ground turkey @ $3.29 for a pack, potatoes, corn & dinner rolls (all ingredients on hand)

Monday – Crock pot Pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, side salad with home fries (had to purchase the BBQ sauce @ $.99)

Tuesday – Tacos (all ingredients on hand) with the exception of the ground turkey @ $3.29 for a pack

Wednesday – Grilled cheese sandwiches with apple sauce (purchase cheese from the Dollar Tree)

Thursday – Fried chicken, rice & pork and beans (all ingredients on hand)

Friday – Breakfast for dinner/French toast, eggs and sausage

I was able to score 3 loaves of bread from Aldi @ .50 each!

This week Aldi’s eggs were $1.59 for a dozen so I bought the eggs from the Dollar Tree and saved a few pennies

My grocery list at Aldi consisted of:

$2.99     Milk $2.99

$6.58     2 ground turkey

$1.50     3 loaves of bread

$.99        BBQ sauce

$4.99     Pizza

$1.79     OJ

$1.39     Apple juice

$.69        Tuna

My grocery list at Dollar Tree consisted of:

$3.00     3 packs of eggs

$1.00     pack of cheese

By shopping in my pantry and only buying what I need I pulled off one week’s worth of groceries and feed my family of 6 for under $25.00!

I will make a batch of chocolate pudding and some cupcakes for sweet treats throughout the week.

School Lunches (snacks)

Now that school is back in session I am packing 10 lunches and snacks per week.  Here is how I pack 10 salty snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers) for the week.

I love the snack sized Ziploc bags that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  I was able to get these bags from Sam’s on sale for .74 and I purchased all of my bagged/boxed snacks from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.




Sunday is my prep day.  I open the bags, separate a serving into each bag, zip them up and store them in the snack pail.


Serving size varies per item, but I’m usually pretty generous with the amount.  I can usually get about 6 servings out of each box of crackers and 8 servings out of the pretzels.  When it’s time to pack a lunch I just grab each sons desired snack and toss it in the lunch box.

Each bag @ .01
Serving of crackers @ .16
Serving of pretzels @ .125
Total .13 or .17 each (less than a bag of chips)