Hello world!

Hello WORLD! This ought to be fun.  I will be blogging about all the joys of my life.  My wonderful bestfriend/husband, four handsome sons 17, 9, 6 & 10 1/2 months =) all my ups and downs with loving and living life.  I am a devoted wife to my husband of 12 years and I love being a mom.

I recently lost my mommy January 31 and I miss her dearly.  For the past 37 years I have lived my life trying to fit in her shoes and with her being gone I sometimes feel like I have no direction.  She was great at everything she did.  She was always beautiful no matter the circumstance even when she was going thru chemo she was always dressed sharp and made people laugh.  I am carrying on her legacy and looking for a little bit of her in me everyday.

I vowed that in 2012 I was going to work on ME and I was knocked off my feet with such a great loss, but I now realize that I have to get back to me.  Right now I am dealing with a few things in no particular order:  Transitioning to natural hair (no chemicals), losing weight with diet and exercise (after baby #4), keeping the majic alive in my marriage, growing my 4 young men, full time work, home repairs, home search, organization, scheduling, man the list goes on…

Welp… here goes everything 😉


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