Mini Waffles


Biscuits cooked on the waffle iron. I split my biscuits in half then pressed them in the iron and Viola! Mini waffles not frozen.


First Timer


Today I’m using the Mister’s grill to make them some pork chops. These are thin cuts that I seasoned before I froze them. They thawed all day in the frig then I came home and threw them on the grill. The grill was his Father’s Day gift from us. Hope they come out good because I’m having fish.

Birds Nest


You can barely see, but a bird has made a nest on our front porch. It is perched right outside our front door on a column. I guess they thought we had a pretty homely home and decided it was an okay place to start a family 🙂 I don’t see how with all the noise this full house makes. I can’t wait to see the babies.