Carrot Raisin Salad

One of my Easter side dishes will be the very first recipe I learned from my mom with a healthy twist. It’s so simple a 6 year old could do it (that’s how old I was when I learned)

3 simply  ingredients
Shredded  carrots
Plain Greek yogurt

I didn’t measure, I just eyed how big of a salad I wanted and my love for raisins.

Add carrots to bowl, add amount of raisins you like and stir in enough yogurt to wet your salad. Mom used to add a dash of sugar for sweetness.


Refreshing Spring Salad

This is a quick and easy salad that all my friends ask me to make when we have a gathering.


1 box of tri color pasta
1 can of pitted black olives
Handful of grape tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 bottle of Italian dressing
(you can add cooked shrimp or imitation crab meat if you’d like)

Boil the pasta per the box instructions. Dice  your cucumber, tomatoes & olives and put them in a bowl.


Add the drained pasta to the vegetables and add the dressing. Use as much or little dressing as you’d like (to taste) Toss together and Viola!


Simple & refreshing. I like to chill mine so that the flavors can marinate. Enjoy!

Oatmeal Smoothies

For the past few Weeks I have been making the boys smoothies in the morning and trying to make them as healthy as possible. I always freeze my fruit ahead of time because I don’t like adding ice and use 100% juice. After searching I found a few combinations that suggested using dry oatmeal to give it a healthier twist and also to thicken them up. Coffee grinder to the rescue.


I used my grinder to make the dry oats into a fine powder.


I add 1/2 cup to the oatmeal powder to our smoothies and you can’t even tell its in there. Sometimes I sneak some Flaxseed powder in there too. I love giving the boys healthy food that they think is delicious!

My New Love

Being a mom of four boys you can imagine how the carpet in my family room looks. I’m to cheap to replace it and am embarrassed to have someone come to clean it. My Honey that loves me so much asked me “why don’t you just buy a home carpet cleaner?” I thought those things were way to expensive and probably don’t work on the kind of dirt we have. I ventured out and did some research & price comparison and found this:


$85! Wholly smokes! I’ve paid that much to have the carpet cleaned once. OK so the price was reasonable, but would it work on my high traffic carpet?





Not bad I think. I used a mixture of hot water, Dawn dish detergent & ammonia. Next time I will pretreat the REALLY bad areas and use hotter water. But hey, I can clean it as many times as I’d like now. By the way, it was very light weight, took 2 minutes to assemble and was very easy to clean. I have a new love :=)

When Life Gives You A LOT of Lemons

I love lemons! I love the smell of them, the taste and the look. They remind me of the days I lived in Miami, Florida and had a lemon tree in my yard. My favorite store for produce Aldi had them on sale for .99 per bag.  At that price I couldn’t pass up buying a few bags.


Of choose I’m not going to use them all at once, so I use my trick that I learned when I was pregnant the last time around. When pregnant with baby number four I always wanted lemon in my water, but I was tired of slicing one lemon and letting it dry out. So…. I started buying lemons in bulk, slicing them, freezing them and putting them in a Ziploc bag for later.


This way I always have a cool lemon for my drinks. Strawberry lemonade yum :-p