My New Love

Being a mom of four boys you can imagine how the carpet in my family room looks. I’m to cheap to replace it and am embarrassed to have someone come to clean it. My Honey that loves me so much asked me “why don’t you just buy a home carpet cleaner?” I thought those things were way to expensive and probably don’t work on the kind of dirt we have. I ventured out and did some research & price comparison and found this:


$85! Wholly smokes! I’ve paid that much to have the carpet cleaned once. OK so the price was reasonable, but would it work on my high traffic carpet?





Not bad I think. I used a mixture of hot water, Dawn dish detergent & ammonia. Next time I will pretreat the REALLY bad areas and use hotter water. But hey, I can clean it as many times as I’d like now. By the way, it was very light weight, took 2 minutes to assemble and was very easy to clean. I have a new love :=)


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