Tuesay Tip


This is my frugal dryer sheet that I made with my homemade fabric softener and some torn up fabric placed in a jar. I pour a little liquid in the jar and shake to moisten the rags. I just throw one in the dryer when I have a load, put them back in the jar when the load is done and reuse. I have about 8 rags in the jar.

I make my fabric softener with:
1 cup Suave conditioner
1 cup of white vinegar
3 cups of water

Frugal Find

We all know that kids want cell phones.  I’ve been so torn about getting a phone for the boys because I did not want to add them to our family plan and spend that extra money every month.  I also did not want to have to keep adding minutes to a prepaid phone.

This week Target had this waterproof Kyocera Hydro cell phone on sale for $9.99


It’s an Android smartphone that has the Google PlayStore. I set up the phones on our home Wi-Fi and the boys a Google Account and they started downloading apps immediately.  We also found a cool app called Pinger that allows you to send and receive text messages for free as long as your connected to Wi-Fi and it gives you 10 free phone call minutes.

They are both happy with their phones and I will add a few minutes for emergency calls, but as of right now they can text and email away.

Tuesday Tip

As a mom of 4 boys including one that is in the process of being potty trained I HAVE to clean their bathroom EVERYDAY.  A few years ago I got an idea to keep me from bending down and wiping around the toilet and floor. 

I purchased this inexpensive mop from the Dollar Tree and mixed together my homemade cleaner of vinegar and dawn detergent.


What I do is spray the tub, toilet, around the toilet and floor with the cleaner.  Then I use the mop (I only use this one in the bathroom) to mop around the toilet, inside the tub and the floors. It takes about 1-2 minutes to complete this task.


I also wipe down the counter, sink and the seat of the toilet with a paper towel and that’s it! In less than five minutes they have a clean and sanitized bathroom. Now if I could just get them to pick their towels and clothes up off the floor.

Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrated 19 years of Life for my oldest son.  I’m so proud of him and he truly is a good kid.  I can not count how many ways I am thankful for him and how many times I have thanked God for choosing me to be his mom.


I decorated his room door and made him a chocolate chip cookies cake.  We went to his favorite Hibachi restaurant for dinner and took along his high school sweetheart.  It was a fun night. 


Unfortunately Cam had an asthma attack and had to visit the ER, but he ended up being ok after a treatment and some liquid steroids.