Tuesday Tip

As a mom of 4 boys including one that is in the process of being potty trained I HAVE to clean their bathroom EVERYDAY.  A few years ago I got an idea to keep me from bending down and wiping around the toilet and floor. 

I purchased this inexpensive mop from the Dollar Tree and mixed together my homemade cleaner of vinegar and dawn detergent.


What I do is spray the tub, toilet, around the toilet and floor with the cleaner.  Then I use the mop (I only use this one in the bathroom) to mop around the toilet, inside the tub and the floors. It takes about 1-2 minutes to complete this task.


I also wipe down the counter, sink and the seat of the toilet with a paper towel and that’s it! In less than five minutes they have a clean and sanitized bathroom. Now if I could just get them to pick their towels and clothes up off the floor.


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