School Lunches (snacks)

Now that school is back in session I am packing 10 lunches and snacks per week.  Here is how I pack 10 salty snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers) for the week.

I love the snack sized Ziploc bags that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  I was able to get these bags from Sam’s on sale for .74 and I purchased all of my bagged/boxed snacks from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.




Sunday is my prep day.  I open the bags, separate a serving into each bag, zip them up and store them in the snack pail.


Serving size varies per item, but I’m usually pretty generous with the amount.  I can usually get about 6 servings out of each box of crackers and 8 servings out of the pretzels.  When it’s time to pack a lunch I just grab each sons desired snack and toss it in the lunch box.

Each bag @ .01
Serving of crackers @ .16
Serving of pretzels @ .125
Total .13 or .17 each (less than a bag of chips)


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