I have the pleasure of being married to my best friend and am blessed to be raising 4 of the most handsome boys that God could have ever created.  I am a devoted wife to my husband of 15 years that I met at a job interview (his father’s company) in March of 2000,  August of that same year we were engaged and by the next March we were married.  I love being a mom to my 4 blessings.  I enjoy the happy things in life and live each day to put a smile on someone’s face =)

I work twice a week outside the home and the other days I have the pleasure of being at home.  I love crafting, decorating, cooking (I don’t eat pork or beef), volunteering, running, some sewing, party planning, traveling, trying new things, being a Stepford wife to my husband :), doing fun things with my boys, being frugal (because my mommy taught me well) and just being me.

Pull up a seat, pour a cup of mocha and peek into my life.  It’s pretty interesting if I do say so myself 🙂


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