Back to School

After a summer filled with fun it is time for my babies to go back to school.


I will miss them a lot.  The house will be so empty and I will have to find something else to watch instead of Curious George and Teen Titans 🙂


Summer 2014

I have been absent from my blog because I have been busy enjoying the summer with my babies.  We visited Six Flags over Georgia and enjoyed the new water park there.  We crossed just about everything off of our Summer Fun list.   We went to the movies and the pool every week.  Summer 2014 was a blast!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Itty Bitty

We had an amazing time celebrating Itty Bitty’s Super 3rd Birthday!  I made plenty of superhero decorations and we all dressed as superheroes.


I created an obstacle course for the guest to complete.  All of the games were things that I had around the house.  They had to walk over the balance beam, throw the bomb in the hole, crawl thru the Bat Cave and at the end BatMan gave them a bomb (balloon) to defuse (step on the balloon).


Everyone that completed the course was presented a certificate by Iron Man.


Guest also enjoyed making there own mask & coloring pages.  Everyone sent messages saying how creative and fun fun the party was.


Happy Birthday to my Little SuperMan 🙂

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated our Independence Day at home with family and friends.  We enjoyed plenty of good food and the boys put on a great fireworks show!  I pray that everyone enjoyed their holiday.


I’ve been working with fondant and I love the way my first cake turned out.


Itty Bitty holding his sparkler


I made these white chocolate covered strawberries


These red, white and blue brownies


vanilla cup cakes topped with more fondant stars

Tuesday Tip

Tonight I’m fixing a nice big salad for dinner which includes bagged lettuce, cheese, cucumber, ham & turkey, homemade croutons and their choice of dressing.

These are my homemade croutons:  I use regular bread and cut them in squares.



I toss them with extra virgin olive oil


Shake on some salt & pepper, toss them in the oven on broil 500 degrees for 3-5 minutes and they are done!


Delicious and ready to add to our salad. Bon appetite!

Happy Easter

Today was a fabulous day to celebrate Jesus!  I love this time of year were the weather is beautiful (except the allergies) and family comes together to celebrate in his name.  I had a fabulous time entertaining family and friends, cooking, decorating and be grateful that there was someone who loved us so much that he gave his life in order for us to be forgiven for our sins.

We started off our day going to church –


The boys were greeted with treats when they came home (I made a cup for all of my guest) –

Image Image

All of the kiddos gathered around the table to color eggs


Image   Image 

The egg hunt was so much fun!


We also played cheese head (shower caps on their heads with shaving cream).  Their partner had to throw cheese puffs and see who could catch the most.



This year I found a really cute idea to do instead of making or buying a traditional Easter basket. I went to the Dollar Tree and found these cups in cute Spring colors,  filled them with candy and tied on a bow with a note attached that says Some bunny loves you – Happy Easter.


I think they came out very cute and can’t wait to give them to the kids on Easter.